Starts, Turns and Finishes – Coaching Points

I ran a speed set for the A Squad on Wednesday evening and recorded the data shown in the table below (this is a sample).  I have given feedback to the A squad swimmers but thought this would be of interest to the remaining swimmers in the club.  At the bottom of the table there is a series of coaching points associated with starts, turns and finishing.  In a 100m race 40% of the race is concerned with starts, turns and finishing, so this is almost equally as important as the 60% of swimming that takes place between the flags.

I have seen thousands of races won and lost in the final 5m of the race, across the whole spectrum of events.  I am proud to say that the vast majority of the swimmers I’ve coached, over the past 30+ years, have excelled at finishing and produced some spectacular results, be that for an individual medal or an extra point in a team event.


Starts, Turns and Finishes

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