New Club Kit, offered by Kempa UK and Intersport (Tony Pryce)

The club has a minimum kit required standard, as outlined on the bottom of the order form. This is based on the type of competition a swimmer undertakes.

As a minimum, All swimmers are expected to own a new T Shirt and Club hat. With other swimmers being requested to purchase more items based on their competition standard. This standard gives the club a professional and cohesive look when attending galas and meets.

All clothing will be supplied badged up as shown in the photos, names are unable to be added.

The Bags and club hats are still able to be named, if required.
Please do try on a sample size before ordering. Please ask at the club desk. The sizing chart is here

Order forms are available from the swimming desk on a club night or can be downloaded here:

Dawlish Club kit 2016 Photos-page-002 Dawlish Club kit 2016 Photos-page-001